Premium Vinacciolo

Premium Vinacciolo SG is the fruit of a very careful selection among the best tannins which could be extracted from grapes. Its tannic composition is typically catechinic, originated from well-ripened berries. Therefore it has a very pleasant and fresh organoleptic aspect even used at higher dosages.
The formulation of procyanidic and catechinic origin gives this product a high reactivity both towards proteins (polyphenoloxidases included) and colouring substances.
PREMIUM® VINACCIOLO SG is the catechinic tannin par excellence.

Premium Vinacciolo Key features: 


- Extractred from well-ripened berries.

- Increase the structure of wines giving a full bodied perception.

- Very pleasant and fresh organoleptic aspects even used at high dosage.

- Improve the redox potential, helps to protect the wine from oxidation.