EURO System

Borelli’s EURO System provides a complete bottle rinsing, filling and closing system, automated for ease of use and efficiency. With a processing capacity up to 3,000 bottles per hour the EURO System is ideal for the medium to large sized producer, filling non-carbonated liquids. The EURO System offers quality and flexibility alongside outstanding value. 


The EURO System provides variable rinsing capacities: with water only, sterilisation fluid and water, or air. Filling options are available in 12-24 filling valve setups, offering flexibility in rate of bottles filled per hour. The EURO System also offers variations in closing options, with natural cork, aluminium screw cap or crown cap available. The EURO System fills a range of glass or PET bottle sizes with varying non-carbonated liquids, and is also very fast and easy to adjust for use with different sized bottles. 

Manufactured to the highest standards, all parts that come into contact with the product are made entirely from stainless steel, maximising sterility and product quality along with machine durability. Full stainless steel frame and panelling add to overall cleanliness and low maintenance needs of the machine. 

Highly flexible, able to fill a range of bottle types with a range of non-carbonated liquids, the EURO System can be integrated with other machinery such as a labeling machine or bottle collection tray. Durable, efficient and reliable, the EURO System provides a class leading automated filling and closing unit that is fully adaptable to the producer’s individual needs. 


Other Information  
Rinsing machine 9 / 12 / 16 grippers
  TECNA model
Filler 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 valves
Max. production 500 / 4,500 litres/hour
  (depending on the number of valves and the filling system)
Filling system • Gravity.
  • Light depression.
  • High vacuum.
  • Light pressure.
Type of liquids Any non-carbonated liquid.
Bottle inlet Inlet screws.
Filler tank lifting Manual, on open column framework.
Configuration of corker Single-head.
Type of closure • Natural cork. 
  • Aluminium screw caps.
  • Crown cork.
  • T-corks with conventional system.
  • T-corks with Pick & Place system.
  • Pressure closures.
  • Threaded caps with Pick & Place system.
  • Other caps with pick off application.
Max. speed rate 3,000 bph
  (depending on the type of corking turret)
Type of bottle Glass, PET.
Shape of the bottle Cylindrical, square or shaped.