EURO System ISO - Counter Pressure Filling for Carbonated Products

Borelli Group’s EURO System ISO provides an automated bottle rinsing, filling and closing line for carbonated liquids, which can be easily adjusted for use for with a range of sizes of both glass and PET bottles. Ideally suited for use with an extensive range of products, including cider, mineral water and soft drinks. The EURO System ISO offers processing capacities up to 3,000 bottles per hour, perfect for the medium to large sized drinks producer. 

The EURO System ISO offers pre-evacuation or double pre-evacuation setups, ensuring the maximum amount of air is forced from the bottle prior to being filled with the product. This reduces foaming or fizzing during filling, and minimises oxidisation of the product during the filling and closing operations. 

The EURO System ISO provides variable rinsing capacities: with water only, sterilisation fluid and water, or air. Flexibility in closing options means the EURO System ISO can be adapted to meet individual needs, offering multiple closing options and the capacity to fit more than one closing system to the same machine. Highly innovative features including easy adjustment of components such as star-wheels, and filler and closer height adjustment, meaning switching between bottle sizes doesn’t require specialist tools and is incredibly fast and simple. A solid and durable machine structure manufactured from stainless steel ensures high levels of cleanliness and low maintenance needs. 

Highly flexible, able to fill a range of bottle types with a range of carbonated liquids, the EURO System ISO can be integrated with other machinery such as a labeling machine or bottle collection tray. Durable, efficient and reliable, the EURO System ISO provides a class leading automated filling and closing unit that is fully adaptable to the producer’s individual needs.