Fruit Bin Tippers

Kreuzmayr's GKE bin tippers provide the juice or cider producer with a simple and efficient solution for unloading picked apples from a pallet bin, onto a sorting conveyor or into a washing system such as the KWEM Elevator Mill. 

Fully flexible and built to individual specifications, the GKE bin tipper range is suitable for use with all standard pallet and fruit bin sizes. Whether bins are wodden or plastic, GKE bin tippers offer an easy method of unloading bins into the next stage of your production process. Height and tip levels are fully adjustable for use with a range of machinery, such as sorting conveyors, washing conveyors, or water baths. 

Different lifting options are available with the GKE range. A pneumatic lifting system is available for the larger producers with higher production frequencies. A cable operated lifting system is also available for the small and medium sized producers with lower production frequencies, this system offers exceptional value whilst maintaining outstanding machine quality. 

Key Features: 

- Efficient and easy method for unloading pallet and fruit bins

- Fully flexible to suit individual specifications

- Compatible with a range of fruit and pallet bin sizes 

- Flexible height and tip level adjustment, allowing compatibility with a range of other machinery 

- Variation in lifting options providing outstanding value for money

Kreuzmayr GKE Bin Tipper Technical Specifications (pneumatic lifting system):


Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 1680x1480x1220
Tipping Height 790mm
Fruit Ejection Width 500mm
Height when Tipped up 2420mm
Tip Lift Duration 15seconds
Weight 350kg
Electrical Requirements V/Hz
Electrical Consumption 2.2kW

Specifications for GKE bin tipper with cable lifting system available upon request