Brewhouse - B1000, B1500 & B2000

The B1000, B1500 and B2000 brewhouse systems from Letina provide two vessel brewhouse systems that are ideal for medium to larger sized craft breweries. These systems are one completely connected unit, and include integrated liquid transfer pumps for ease of use. 

These brewhouse systems require a steam generator, as they use steam as their heat source. The kettle and lauter vessels are fully connected with stainless steel piping for easy product transfer between the two vessels. The kettle vessel includes a two-blade agitator at the bottom of the tank, which has a lifting device to aid cleaning, the lauter tun incorporates a rotary 'rake' system to cut and extract spent grain. Both vessel mixers have variable speed capacity, and both vessels also have double-walled thermal insulation along with a heat exchanger to provide increased efficiency. 

The control panel on each machine allows the user to easily control automated heating temperatures, vessel mixers and transfer pumps. There is also a hot and cold water mixing and distribution hub, with its own dediacted thermometer to effectively control the temperature of the heating system.

Fully manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel, Core Equipment's brewhouses are manufactured to incredibly high standards. Liquid transfer and distribution piping is also manufactured from stainless steel, increasing the cleanliness of the machine and also product quality. Transfer piping also includes a sightglass to ensure the correct product transfer speeds and wort clarity. 


B1000, B1500 & B2000 Key Points 

- Electrical or steam heating options

- Fully integrated two-vessel brewhouse system 

- Mixing and raking systems in each vessel

- Precise temperature controls

- Double-wall insulation for efficiency



Model Kettle Volume Lauter Volume Heating System
B1000 1000l 1000l Steam
B1500 1500l 1500l Steam
B2000 2000l 2000l Steam

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