Letina ZB Beer Tanks

Core Equipment supplies a range of combined fermentation and maturation stainless steel tanks. These ZB Beer tanks are designed specifically for use in breweries with a steeply sloped conical bottom for increased yeast seperation. 

ZB Beer tanks come with a high specification as standard, unlike many other manufacturers, making them incredibly good value for money. Manufactured to incredibly high standards using top qulity materials, these tanks ensure your products are kept to high standards whilst in fermentation or storage. Letina are experts in tank manufacturing, meaning their tanks last exceptionally well and continue to provide the high quality expected. 

Specifications include an oval manhole door for easy cleaning acess, a thermoregulator to control temperatures in storage and fermentation, and external level guage. A range of valves including pressure control valve, double discharge valve and safety valve for maximun control; and a vacuum valve for use prior to filling helping to minimise oxidisation. A pre-fitted Clean In Place (CIP) spray ball, providing extremely easy cleaning without compromising on intensity. Comprehensive thermal insulation, aiding with temperature control, along with a two zone cooling jacket. Marble or brushed steel finishes to suit individual requirements, and a carbonation stone system for in tank carbonation.

ZB tanks have a working pressure of 2bar making them ideal for use with in-tank carbonation methods. All tank specifications, volumes and dimensions can be modified according to clients specific needs. The specifications below are the most common tank specifications produced for this model. 

ZB Beer Tank - Key Points 

- Comes with high specification as standard, offering great value for money

- Manufactured by tank production experts providing outstanding quality

- High quality materials ensure your product quality stays high

- Full temperature control for precise control over fermentation 

- Range of sizes and dimensions to suit requirements

- Fully flexible to meet the individual's needs 

ZB Beer Tank - Technical Specifications 

Tank Model

External Diameter (mm)

Total Height (mm)

Useful Product Volume (litres)

Total Tank Volume (litres)

ZB 500 A9

918 2300 500 650
ZB 1000 A12 1077 3000 1000 1300
ZB 1500 A12 1236 3100 1500 1850
ZB 2000 A14 1395 3300 2000 2500
ZB 3000 A15 1523 4100 3000 3900
ZB 4000 A17 1714 4200 4000 5200
ZB 5000 A19 1873 4400 5000 6400

All specifications including dimensions and capacities are fully flexible and adaptable upon request.