Sfoggia SEB Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Sfoggia SEB DE filters are ideal for filtering a range of products including beer. They are easy to use and clean due to their stainless steel construction, back-lit sight glasses for inlet and outlet and horizontally opening bell system, which ensures easy access.


Key Features:

- Horizontal disc design for efficiency and ease of us

- Built in dosing tank and pump

- Integral transport trolley for ease of use

- Built-in centrifugal pump

- Butterfly type valves

- Illuminated inlet and outlet sight glasses

- Tilting filter body for ease of cleaning and maintenance

- Final filtration with pump passing through last disk

- Constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel and food grade materials


Technical Specification:

Model Dimensions (LxWxH) mm Weight Kg
SEB-1/P 2m2 1400x950x1600 186
SEB-1/P 3m2 1400x950x1800 206
SEB-1/P 4m2 1400x950x2050 230
SEB-1/P 5m2 1400x950x1600 248
SEB-1/P 6m2 1400x950x1600 265