Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters provide an easy to use and cost effective filtration method, suitable for the filtration of a wide range of products from juice and cider, to beer and wine. Offering processing capacities from 1000 to 18,000 litres per hour, our range of cartridge filters provides a suitable option for every sized producer. 

These filters can accomodate different cartridge types, meaning that the right filtration cartridge for your product can be used. These filters come with inlet and outlet valves included as standard, valve sizes depend upon the filter size and are shown in the table below. Upper sight glasses and pressure guages are also included as standard, a system by-pass is included as an optional extra. 

Manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel, these filters are easy to keep clean ensuring product quality remains high. Filters are also easily disassembled to make cleaning even easier. 

 Cartridge Filters Key Points

- Easy to use

- Suitable for a range of products

- Variation in production capacity

- Stainless steel manufacture

- Valves, sight glass and pressure guage included 

- Easy to clean



Cartridge Filters Technical Specifications

Model Output Cartridges Fittings Dimensions
Micro 1 1000 lt/h 1 X 750mm DIN 25 230mm X 1500mm
Micro 3 3000 lt/h 3 X 750mm DIN 40 250mm X 1600mm
Micro 5 5000 lt/h 5 X 750mm DIN 40 250mm X 1600mm
Micro 8 8000 lt/h 8 X 750mm DIN 50 360mm X 1650mm
Micro 12 12000 lt/h 12 X 750mm DIN 50 360mm X 1650mm
Micro 18 18000 lt/h 18 X 750mm DIN 50 500mm X 1750mm