40 X 40 Sheet Filters

Sheet filters provide simple and easy to use filtration systems for a wide range of products. Fruit juice, cider, wine, beer and more can be filtered using a sheet filter. 

Core Equipment has a wide range of sheet filters available, with a range of designs, a range of sizes and a range of different specifications. 40 X 40 sheet filters are ideally suited for the small to medium sized producer looking for a cost effective and versatile filtration system. The range is fully flexible, and can be manufactured to meet the producers exact specifications. Mounted on wheeled trolleys these filters are easy to move in and out of storage, and around the production area for use in different locations. 

Our 40 x 40 sheet filters come with the designated amount of filter plates, ready for filter sheets to be inserted. Stainless steel framework means they are very easy to keep clean, which in turn helps to keep product quality high. Available with manual or manual-hydraulic closure systems, providing an option for easier and quicker use. 

A range of optional extras are also available, such as inlet/outlet sight glasses, and extra plates, and integrated pumps. Filter plates are available in either black polypropelene or white polyethelene. Fittings and connections can be specified upon order - BSP, DIN and others are available in a range of sizes.

 40 X 40 Sheet Filters - Key Points 

  • Easy to use 
  • Versatile - can be used to filter a range of products 
  • Cost effective filtration
  • Wide range - options to suit every producer 
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Range of optional extras 



40 X 40 Sheet Filters - Model Specifications 

Model Filter Plates No. Closure Filtration Surface Area Processing Capacity Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
CF42 20 Manual - Screw 3.2m2 2700 litres/hr 1550x700x950  217
CF42ID 20 Manual Hydraulic 3.2m2 2700 litres/hr 1550x700x950   217
CF43 30 Manual - Screw 4.8m2 4000 litres/hr 1750x700x950 255
CF43ID 30 Manual Hydraulic 4.8m2 4000 litres/hr 1750x700x950 255
CF44 40 Manual - Screw 6.4m2 5300 litres/hr 2050x700x950  280
CF44ID 40 Manual Hydraulic 6.4m2 5300 litres/hr 2050x700x950  280
CF45 50 Manual - Screw 8.0m2 6500 litres/hr 2150x700x950  315
CF45ID 50 Manual Hydraulic 8.0m2 6500 litres/hr 2150x700x950 315
CF46 60 Manual - Screw  9.6m2 8000 litres/hr 2300x700x950 350
CF46ID 60 Manual Hydraulic  9.6m2 8000 litres/hr 2300x700x950 350
CF48 80 Manual - Screw  12.8m2 10700 litres/hr 2800x700x950  430
CF48ID 80 Manual Hydraulic  12.8m2 10700 litres/hr 2800x700x950 430
CF410 100 Manual - Screw  16.0m2 13400 litres/hr 3050x700x950   520
CF410ID 100 Manual Hydraulic  16.0m2 13400 litres/hr 3050x700x950   520