'Future' Crossflow Filters

The Future range of crossflow filters provide a cost-effective crossflow option, an ideally suited system for the medium sized producer. Future crossflow filters can be used with a wide range of products including wine, cider, juice, beer and more. 

There are options for either polypropylene hollow fiber, or ceramic membrane crossflow filters within this range, providing an option to suit the needs of every producer. At the lower end of the Future range, the Future 2 is a double-vessel filtration unit and has a filtration surface area of 20mand a processing capacity of around 2000 litres per hour depending upon product type. The range grows to high capacity units that can be manufactured in order to meet indiviual requirements. 

Future systems are manufactured from stainless steel, meaning the machine is very hygenic and easy to keep clean. Units come complete with two integrated centrifugal transfer pumps and two dosing pumps, this may increase for larger machines. All systems use electronic flow metres to precisely control flow levels and rates. An LCD touch screen allows for easy operation and control, with programmable filtration cycles. 

Filtration membranes are housed in stainless steel with hollow fiber polypropylene membranes at 0.2microns. Capilaries within the membranes have a diameter of 1.8mm, providing versatility and ensuring the Future range can be used to filter a variety of products. Machines are provided with stainless steel butterfly valves with fittings and connectors included as per the customers choice. 

A Clean In Place (CIP) system is an optional extra for this machine. This system alows for faster, easier and more thorough cleaning due to the automated aspect of the system. 

'Future' Crossflow Filters - Key Points 

  • Cost-effective crossflow filtration system
  • Hollow fiber or ceramic membrane filters 
  • Versatility for use with a range of product types
  • Range of model sizes - an option for every producer 
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Pumps, valves, fittings and connectors all included
  • LCD touch-screen for easy control and programming 
  • Flixible and customisable filtration cycles



'Future' Crossflow Filters - Technical Specifications 


Filtration Surface Area
Processing Capacities (L/hr) Electrical Requirements (kW)
Service Tank Capacity
Capilaries per vessel
Capilary Diameter
Module Length
White Wine Red Wine Fruit Juice Vinegar
CF2 2 20m2 800-2000 600-1500 600-1200 300-800 4.6 300L












CF4 4 40m2 1600-1500 1200-3000 1200-2400 640-1600 7.6 300L
CF6 6 60m2 2400-6000 1800-4500 1800-3600 960-2400


CF8 8 80m2 3200-8000 2400-6000 2400-4800 1300-3200 14.5 600L
CF10 10 100m2 4000-10000 3000-7500 3000-6000 1600-4000 16.0 600L
CF12 12 120m2 4800-12000 3600-9000 3600-7200 1900-4800 17.45 800L
CF16 16 160m2 6400-16000 4800-12000 4800-9600 2400-6400 20 800L
CF18 18 180m2 7200-18000 5400-13500 5400-10800 2700-7200 23.5 800L