M.E.P. Ri1200 Semi-Automatic Counter-Pressure Bottle Filler

The Ri 1200 is an easy to use semi-automatic counter-pressure filling machine ideally suited to filling carbonated beer into glass bottles. It features twin filling heads so that two bottles can be filled simultaneously, making this machine efficient but still very easy to operate. 

To operate, the user inserts the bottles into the machine, closes the safety door and then presses the start button. The Ri 1200 then automatically lifts the bottles onto the filling nozzles injecting the bottles with pressurised gas to reduce foaming and then fills the bottles with the liquid. The Ri 1200 needs to be used in conjunction with a carbonator if the liquid is still before filling.

Perfect for the small and medium sized beer producer, the Ri 1200 is an ideal bottle filler for producers who are increasing their production capacities and are in need of a reliable and robust semi-automatic bottle filling machine.  

MEP Ri 1200 Key Features:

- Semi-automatic operation
- Twin filling nozzles
- Electrically powered
- Can fill up to 150 x 500ml bottles per hour



MEP Ri 1200 - Technical Specifications 


Maximum pressure 6 Bar
Nozzle Diameter 14mm
Max Bottle Diameter 115mm
Max Bottle Height 375mm
Weight 96Kg
Dimensions (mm) length: 700
width: 700
height: 2,200