Borelli Automatic Counter-Pressure Bottle Filling Systems

Core Equipment supplies automatic bottling systems from Italian bottling experts Borelli. A huge range of machine variations ensure that Borelli counter-pressure automatic bottle filling systems meet the producers exact demands. 

Core supplies automatic counter pressure bottle filling systems in either a rinser, filler and capper variation, or in a filler and capper variation without the rinser. The monoblock layout means empty bottles can be placed onto the conveyor at one end of the machine, and perfectly filled and capped bottles emerge from the other end of the unit. This can be linked to either a labelling machine or a collection table. Pre-evacuation and double pre-evacuation systems are both available with these machines, significantly reducing product oxidisation and making them perfectly suited for the beer producer.

All machines follow the same layouts as described above, however the beauty of the Borelli range is its flexibility. A range of different bottle rinsing systems are available, including just water, water and air, saniteser and water or just air. A range of filling capacities are available, from 9 to 40 filling heads delivering from 700 to 4000 litres filled per hour, a range of different bottle closing options are available including crown cap and screw cap. Along with all of these variable options, the Borelli automatic counter pressure fillers also support a wide range of different bottle sizes and shapes. 


Borelli Automatic Counter Pressure Bottle Fillers Key Features:

- Available in rinser/filler/capper or filler/capper

- Highly flexible and versatile to meet individual needs

- A range of bottle rinsing options available 

- A range of bottle filling capacities available

- A range of bottle closing options available 

- Production capacities from 700 to 4000 litres per hour

- Pre evacuation and double pre evacuation available