Quinti Jack Counter Pressure Beer Bottling Machine

The Quinti “JACK TO4” is a counter-pressure bottling machine specifically designed for the craft and micro-brewery market. It is ideal for customers who are considering bringing their bottling function in-house for the first time. Its low cost/low maintenance design ensures that the JACK TO4 is affordable to buy and run.

The JACK TO4 is ideally suited for the Craft Beer market benefiting from many design features including its stylish design, modular construction, low noise operation and self-timing puck-based throughput conveyor.

The counter-pressure filling system is a four-stage process consisting of:

- Pre-evacuation, the air in the bottle is partially removed via inbuilt vacuum system
- Inert gas injection, the bottle is filled with an inert gas, usually CO2 or Nitrogen
- The bottle is then filled with beer at a rate which displaces the inert gas
- The carbonation within the beer is retained & foaming/fobbing is prevented.
- Final step is equalisation of the pressure inside the bottle with atmospheric pressure
- Above
ensures that no fobbing takes place as the filling valve is withdrawn


- Capacity: Up to 500 bottles per hour (beer at 0°C & max. 2.2 volumes of CO2)
- Bottle format: 500ml glass (additional sizes between 330ml & 1 litre optional)
- Bottle height: between 170mm and 410mm
- Maximum bottle diameter: 110mm
- Bottle neck internal diameter: 17mm maximum
- Cap format: 26mm crown (29mm optional)
- Filling method: Isobaric Counter-pressure
- Normal filling pressure: 3.5 bar
- Number of filling nozzles: 4
- Buffer tank capacity: 30 litres
- Vibrating cap hopper with chute and application head
- Electro-pneumatic valve for product feed into buffer tank
- Automatic stop when buffer tank empty
- Gross weight dry: 360kg
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 2500 x 1100 x 2550mm
- Electrics: 230v/50Hz 1ph
- Pneumatic supply: 200 litres/minute at 6 bar