Letina B 3.5 Bl 400 litre Brewhouse

Brewhouse Special offer 

This Brewhouse is an ex demo machine in top condition. Its only been used once and is great for anyone who wants to give making beer a go. If you're interested please get in touch. Before shipping the brewhouse will have a full service to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Key Features:


- Insulation 100mm, Stainless clad

- Heating jacket

- Manhole cover

- Tangential inlet

- Spray ball

Mash/Lauter tun

- Screen Bottom 

- Insulation 60mm, heating jacket, stainless clad

- Manhole cover

- Rectangular side manway door

- Spray balls

- Gear motor

- Electronic speed variator


- Pump for wort 

- Motor controlled by variable speed drive to regulate pump flow rate

- Process piping and manual valves

- Control box for pumps and gear motor

- Two stages plates heat exchanger

- Aeration stone

- Platform with stairs and handrails

- Material AISI 304