CODI CCL-45 Can Filler and SH-45 Seamer

The CODI Can Filler utilises counter pressure technology normally only found in largescale production machinery. CODI have successfully scaled down this technology to make it affordable for craft brewers. To maintain a quality fill, the CCL-45 features CO2 pre-purge, integrated snift feature, full control of the filling cycle, and pump powered product storage tank to increase tank pressure to keep beverages in solution at higher carbonation levels.

Key Features

- Achieves higher carbonation & lower dissolved oxygen, preserving the flavours
- Delivers consistently accurate fill volumes even during tough product conditions
- Effectively controls foaming & maintains minimal spillage
- Missing & damaged can detection during fill process
- PLC Controlled Filling allowing fine tuning & ensuring consistency between runs


Up to 50 cans per minute (355ml) / approx. 3000 cans per hour
304 Stainless Steel on contact surfaces
PLC Control:
•  CO2 can purge – change length of time and pressure
•  Variable can Snift release – controls foam on bear out of fill heads
•  Bubble breaker – breaks up bubbles on top of beer with CO2
•  Under lid gassing – pushes remaining oxygen out from under the end
Can height:
• Single point adjustment 
Multiple can sizes – 12, 16, 19.2oz, 330, 350, and 375ml standard cans
• Sleek and slim 7.5 and 12oz sleek – 187, 200, and 250ml Slim
Seaming rolls:
2 seaming rolls (1) opt 1 and (1) opt 2 and 1 seaming chucks (LOE or CDL)
Can lifting assembly:
1 spring loaded can lifting assembly - utilises cam lifting to ensure correct seam lifting pressure
Can positioners:
Can positioners have replacement faces to allow for wear
Easy cleaning:
Closed CIP “Clean In Place” System
Other key components:
Rexnord, Festo, motor and gearbox, beverage duty bearings, 3 emergency stops.
Power requirements:
400 volts, 3 phase, 50 hertz – 27 Amps (other voltage available on request)
Compressed air:
11scfm @ 110psi
CO2 requirements:
50lbs per 9.52 barrels of 16oz canned product (US)