CODI Twist Rinse System

The gravity twist rinse trackwork or cage orients aluminum cans into position to rinse and clean prior to filling. Twist Rinse is supplied with a integrated drip pan to capture over-spray and rinse water. Can Rinsers clean beverage cans with water or de-ionized air.This modular piece can easily integrate with the CODI CCL-45 Can Filler. When used in line with the CCL-45 Can Filler, programming ensures water usage is minimised by only cleaning cans while the filler is indexing cans through the twist rinse.


- 2 Can Sizes
- Stainless Steel Trackwork from Depall to Filler
- Conveyor discharge elbow nose-over
- 24” long rinser section with: 

      • (5) spray nozzles
      • Integrated rinse shroud to capture rinse water
      • 1⁄2” Pipe Drain Connection
- 36” long 180 can twist
- Filler infeed elbow sweep
- 5/8” half-round SST per beverage industry standards
- Water – requirements: 20 gallons per minute when recirculating
- 2 can sizes twist rinses sets with integrated water catch