CODI Can Depalletising System DPL-250

Semi-Automatic De-Palletiser including an Integrated chain lifting system to elevate cans automatically to next layer and vaccum style pick up assembly. The CODI DPL-250 has various configurations available to handle full of half pallets.

Key Features

- HMI for easy user interface and control
- Reflective sensors for can height recognition
- Adjustable cycle speeds
- Variable frequency drives on both the sweep and lift
- Optimized cycle speeds to maximize return actions of Pallet Hoist and Sweep Arm
- Vacuum style pick-up assembly incorporated into the sweep arm
- Slip sheets are stacked automatically onto pallet for easy return to can maker
- Safety light curtains located at pallet infeed, where breaking the curtain puts the machine into a safe state.


Various configurations available to handle full or half height pallets
Exchange pallets in 1 to 2 minutes
Carbon steel construction – powder coated to customer specification
PLC controller:
Schneider PLC controller with HMI screen – 3 Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
Sweep arm:
Side driven sweep arm – no open threads above open cans
Can height location for hoist raise and discharge conveyor
Slip Sheet:
Pneumatic slip sheet removal and flat storage rack for return to can maker.
Motor and gearboxes:
Hyponic gearing – 85% efficiency
Food grade bearings: 
Polymer with SST bearing
CE Certification:
CE Certified Machine with CE electrical approved electrical panel with components
Electrical requirements: 
400 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hertz - 20Amps /
Compressed air requirements:
5cfm @ 110PSI De-Palletizer