BrauBeviale 2018 Review

This year's event was an overwhelming sucess with over 40,000 visitors and over 1,000 exhibitors in attendance. Thank you to all who came to see us.

We received huge interest in the latest range of CODI counter-pressure can filling equipment now available across Europe from Core. Suitable for craft breweries and other beverage producers, CODI canning systems offer counter pressure filling technology normally only found in large scale production machinery. The CODI counter pressure filling system achieves significantly lower dissolved oxygen pickup whilst maintaining higher carbonation during the canning process, greatly increasing the quality of the end product. It also provides consistent filling even during tough product conditions such as high temperature and high carbonation. PLC controlled filling provides the option of fine tuning the process and allows users to save settings ensuring consistency between canning runs.

Jared Jones, CEO of CODI canning said “we are really excited about selling our new range of counter pressure canning systems across Europe through Core Equipment. No longer do craft brewers have to put up with high levels of oxygen pick up in their canning process”.

Jonathan Chaplin, Managing Director at Core Equipment said “we are really proud to offer CODI canning systems across Europe as the CODI counter pressure range of machines enables breweries of all sizes to manage oxygen pick-up levels whilst offering a superior product.

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