Installations & Training from Core


From individual machines to complete production lines, we provide turn-key installation and commissioning services on every scale to make sure you get up and running quickly. 

As we understand that new production equipment is a big step for any customer, we also provide extensive training from our factory trained engineers to ensure you get the most out of your new equipment.   



Equipment Installations

Our engineers are all trained in-factory by the manufacturers of the equipment we supply. We offer an installation service as standard alongside all of our equipment, from a smaller individual machine, right through to large-scale complete production lines.

We understand that purchasing new production equipment is a big step for anyone, and getting up and running as quickly as possible is incredibly important. Our installation service means that your machinery will be correctly set-up to enable you to get the most from it. 

If you're purchasing more than one machine in a production line then installation can prove invaluable; ensuring that all machines work together seamlessly can be a delicate and daunting task. 

Let us take the pressure off by providing an installation service you can really rely on!



Production Equipment Training

To go hand-in-hand with our installations service, we also offer comprehensive equipment training from our trained engineering team. 

Equipment training ensures your production team are fully aware of how to safely, effectively and efficiently use your new production equipment. 

Benefits of training are that your machinery will be kept in the best possible condition through correct use, operators will be able to use machinery safely, and production efficiency will increase due to operators being trained on how to get the very most from your new production equipment. 



For further information on Core Equipment’s installation and training services, please call 01327 342589 or e-mail