Here at Core Equipment, we know how passionate you are about your beer and about making the best tasting product you can. But in order for customers to be able to taste your beer, it obviously has to be packaged. There are a few different packaging options for beers, so how do you know which to choose?

Here’s our guide to the different filling options and the advantages of each:


A group of kegs stacked in a brewery

Perfect for the on-trade business. Kegs are easy to sanitize and quicker to fill than bottles or cans, plus you can precisely control the level of carbonation in your beer. They’re tightly sealed and pressurised, so no light or oxygen can get in, which maintains the taste of your beer.

Kegs can be heavy to transport though, and take up more space, making them less suitable for selling direct to the customer.

If you decide to keg your beer, we recommend that you look at the Gruppo Bisaro MB01S kegging machine for washing and filling your kegs in one and the same unit or if you have space constraints, the Gruppo Bisaro IDROKEG S2 machines for washing and their MOREKEGS SIMPLEX 01 M for filling.





a selection of beer bottlesBottled beer is still popular with many customers, and there’s definitely still a market for them. Holding individual servings, they’re not too heavy to carry and are easily recyclable after use.

However, glass does allow light to get to your beer. Even brown glass, which blocks the most light, doesn’t completely block UV, meaning there’s a risk that the taste of your beer could be affected. Glass is also fragile, meaning there’s always a risk of breakages.

If you’re looking to bottle your beers, you have a couple of options of filling machines, such as whether to go with gravity-fed or counterpressure technology. We can talk you through the different options available to find the machine best suited to your needs.


close up of the CODI can filler


Cans offer many of the same advantages as kegs, but in a smaller, more transportable format. They protect the beer from light and oxygen, preserving the taste, and with counterpressure filling technology, they also maintain carbonation levels. They also have significant advantages in terms of being light to transport, easy to store and there’s a much lower risk of breakages.

Cans are good for the environment too – aluminium is the most recyclable material on the planet and 75% of aluminium produced since 1888 is still in circulation today.

We work with the CODI counterpressure canning system, which is ideal for craft breweries due to its scalability and flexibility.

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