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The Core Service


All training, servicing and maintenance is completed by our experienced Service Engineers, who have been sent around the world to the factories of all our suppliers to ensure that they really understand every single component of every single machine, inside and out.

Years of combined experience within the industry also means that the Engineers understand better than anyone just how much a drink-maker needs their equipment to run reliably, sometimes all year round.  

You won’t find better service anywhere else.




With new orders (or even if your equipment was delivered years ago), we are more than happy to offer training to all users of the equipment. This is not compulsory, as we know many of you like to be thrown in at the deep end. But, if this is something you would be interested in, please give us a shout so we can either add it to your quote, or quote independently for the training session on its own.


 Regular Services


Some of our customers have their equipment serviced monthly, usually disgorging and bottling equipment; the stuff which is in use all year round. Some customers only book a service once a year, usually prior to harvest. Other customers are somewhere in between.

Whatever your requirements, for your Core equipment or for equipment you have sourced elsewhere, just give us a call to keep your equipment serviced so you can rely on it whenever you need it.

Every year our Service Engineers become fully booked for pre-harvest services very quickly. To ensure your equipment is performing as well as it possibly can at this critical time of year, call now to book your pre-harvest service.



 Scheduled Maintenance


Got an air leak somewhere? Losing accuracy on your labelling machine? Maybe your equipment just won’t start but you don’t need to use it until harvest? Call us to book yourself in for a non-urgent maintenance session next time we’re in the area, as we service customers all over the UK, and it would massively help us in our mission to save the planet if we could plan our Service Engineer’s diaries to be as efficient as possible.



 Emergency Maintenance


Whether it’s your equipment, your car, or your arm, when something suddenly ceases to function as you expect, you need it fixed as soon as possible (or at least seen by a professional). In these cases, we will always try to be with you within 48 hours of your initial contact with us.

But, if you can, try and keep your equipment consistently serviced to limit the chances of the requirement of an emergency call-out. And if we can’t make it within 48 hours, bear with us, we are busy people! Just wait a little longer and we’ll be right with you.  

If you’re in need of an emergency visit from one of our Service Engineers, please click here





Get In Touch With Core's Service Department

For further information on any aspects of our Servicing and Maintenance areas please get in touch with our service department on:  

   Telephone 01327 342589        Email