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Inline Carbonator


The Sfoggiatech range of automatic inline carbonators has a production rate of up to 2500 litres per hour. This system utilises air operated double diaphragm pumps to transfer the product through the carbonator.

The range of inline carbonators are designed to carbonate using CO² or N². Supplied with centrifugal pumps, saturation column and with an integral CIP system the in-line carbonator is simple to use through the control panel. It can also be supplied with a heat exchanger system to ensure that incoming product temperature is at the correct low level ready for carbonation.

The system is skid mounted with inlet and outlet fitting sizes to suit and can be provided with throughputs of 500 – 2500 litres per hour.

Other sizes are available on request.

Main Features
  • Made entirely from AISI 304/316 stainless steel.
  • Automatic operation.
  • PLC with 7″ touch screen with emergency stop button.
  • Precise control over time variables, offering flexibility on carbonation levels.
  • Automatic feed valve into the carbonation chamber.
  • Switch level control.
  • Pressure regulator.
  • All inlet and outlet valves available in a range of sizes and fitting types.
  • Centrifugal in-feed pump.
  • Output booster pump.
  • Steel platform with adjustable feet.
  • Optional ATEX rated upgrade.
C500 C1000 C1500 C2000 C2500
Capacity: Up to 500 litres per hour Up to 1000 litres per hour Up to 1500 litres per hour Up to 2000 litres per hour Up to 2500 litres per hour
Electrical Requirements: 2 kW 2 kW 2 kW 2 kW 2 kW
Supply Voltage: 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz
Air Consumption: 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar
Air Compressed Input: 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
Gas Input: 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
**Product specification may vary due to enhancement by the manufacturer, choice of optional extras, display stands not included or otherwise. Information is regularly updated by our manufacturing partners and is therefore subject to change without notice.