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CODI Canning Machine
CODI Canning Machine
CODI Canning Machine
CODI Canning Machine
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Can Filler

The CODI CCL45-X in-line counter pressure canning machine is designed specifically for the craft market. The machine has a capacity of up to 1800 cans per hour and offers the flexibility to fill multiple can sizes with both carbonated and non-carbonated products.

The CCL45-X achieves minimal oxygen pick up during the filling process whilst maintaining carbonation levels. The CCL45-X effectively controls foaming and guarantees consistent fill volumes even during tough product conditions such as high carbonation and varying atmospheric conditions. The CCL45-X is easy to clean with its integrated CIP system which has an 80°C heat rating and allows a complete caustic clean.

The CCL45-X can be retrospectively fitted with a further 3 filling heads to double the capacity of the machine. Available in different versions according to your production requirements.

Main Features
  • Achieves oxygen pickups as low as 10-20 PPB.
  • Single point quick height adjustment for multiple can heights.
  • Suitable for widget cans.
  • 2 seaming rolls (1) opt 1 and (1) opt 2 and 1 seaming chucks (LOE or CDL).
  • Spring loaded can lifting assembly utilises cam lifting to ensure correct seam lifting pressure.
  • Complete fill process control through Schneider PLC and drive with 13″ touch screen.
  • Operator has full control of following fill processes to reduce oxygen pickup through PLC software:
    • CO2 can purge with adjustable time and pressure.
    • Variable can snift release controls foam out of fill heads.
    • Bubble breaker – breaks up bubbles on top of beer with CO2.
    • Under lid gassing prior to seaming pushes remaining oxygen out from under the end.
  • Missing & damaged can detection during fill process.
  • Controlled liquid buffer tank with level sensor to ensure consistent flow.
  • Diaphragm pump and inert gas-controlled tank level and pressure.
  • Adjustable in-feed screw for can positioning.
  • Optional ATEX rated upgrade.
Model: CCL45-X
Capacity: Up to 1800 cans per hour
Counter Pressure Filling Heads: 3
Can Sizes: 500, 440, 330, 350, and 375ml standard cans / 187, 200, and 250ml slim cans
Compressed Air Requirements: 6 bar
**Product specification may vary due to enhancement by the manufacturer, choice of optional extras, display stands not included or otherwise. Information is regularly updated by our manufacturing partners and is therefore subject to change without notice.
CODI Filler


Working in partnership with CODI, craft canning systems, Core Equipment provides craft-beverage producers with the latest high-quality technology, and most cost-effective packaging solutions to support your business. The counter pressure filler is the ideal choice for preserving flavour and extending shelf life of canned beer, wine, RTD's, spirits and more.

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