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DDA 1000 Disgorging Machine
DDA 700 Disgorging Machine
Disgorging Line
Disgorging Line
DDA 1000 Disgorging Machine
DDA 700 Disgorging Machine
Disgorging Line
Disgorging Line
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The Valentin DDA range of automatic dosing and disgorging machines are designed to operate in line and are capable of operating with ½, standard, magnum, and bespoke size bottles. The range offers production rates of up to 1000 bottles per hour, depending on the bottle size.

Bottles are automatically positioned under the de-capsuling arm and the machine will then automatically invert and disgorge. The "thumb" on the arm will control the de-capsuling operation and the ejection of the plug or bidule.

Four dosing nozzles are positioned on an inclined plane. After disgorging, the bottles are transferred underneath the nozzles automatically. The four nozzles include an adjustable emptying nozzle, dosing head and two adjustable filling nozzles from 50 to 100mm.

Available in different versions according to your production requirements.

Main Features
  • Made entirely from stainless steel.
  • Mounted on levelling feet.
  • Suitable for various bottle sizes.
  • Four or eight nozzles:
    • 1 or 2 Adjustable emptying nozzles.
    • 1 or 2 Dosing heads.
    • 2 or 4 Adjustable filling nozzles.
  • Operating direction is left to right. Reverse available on request.
  • Electrical cabinet sealed with screw lock.
  • Wiring of control circuits in 24 volts.
DDA 700 DDA 1000
Capacity: Up to 700 bottles per hour Up to 1000 bottles per hour
Air Consumption: 10m³ per hour to 6 Bar 10m³ per hour to 6 Bar
Electrical Requirements: 0.20 kW 0.30 kW
Supply Voltage 3/N/PE~400/230 50Hz 3/N/PE~400/230 50Hz
Working Height: 900 mm +/- 50 mm 900 mm +/- 50 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1350 mm x 1350 mm x 1900 mm 1900 mm x 1380 mm x 1900 mm
Weight: 275 kg 450 kg
**Product specification may vary due to enhancement by the manufacturer, choice of optional extras, display stands not included or otherwise. Information is regularly updated by our manufacturing partners and is therefore subject to change without notice.