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Delta Oscillys Destemmer
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Delta Oscillys

This new destemming process exclusive to Bucher Vaslin operates without beater shaft or rotative cage. Delta Oscillys uses an ample swinging motion of the cage(s) to separate the grapes from the stems by inertia. Delta Oscillys ensures an efficient and qualitative destemming process by reducing the amount of juice produced and preserving the integrity of stems. It offers a throughput range of 2,000 to 16,000 kg per hour (depending on grape varieties and conditions).

Grapes are evenly and constantly fed into the hopper and then spread into one (Delta Oscillys 50/100 model) or two (Delta Oscillys 200 model) cages. The pendulum swing of the cage(s) moves the bunches from the top of the cage(s) and applies a graduated force as the bunches move into the cage towards the bottom. The grapes are separated from the stems by inertia and passed through the holes of the cage(s). Under the cage(s), grapes and stems are collected on a roller sorter in order to remove all undesirable elements. User can easily make some adjustments according to the variety of grapes by setting the swing speed and the diameters of the cage’s holes.

Main Features
  • One (Delta Oscillys 50/100 model) or two (Delta Oscillys 200 model) cages.
  • Pendulum swing operates to move the bunches from the top of the cage(s) towards the bottom. Fully separates the grape from the stem whilst preserving integrity of both.
  • Roller sorter to remove all undesirable elements.
  • Adjustable pendulum swing settings.
  • Adjustable cage hole diameters.
  • Delta Oscillys is five to ten times more qualitative than traditional destemmer. The residual parts are approximately 0.2%-0.5% in comparison to 2%-4.5%.