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Bucher Grape Elevator
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Grape Elevator

Delta TRE 300

The Bucher Delta TRE 300 elevator is ideal for feeding presses, destemmers, sorting tables and maceration tanks with fresh and macerated grapes, as well as to evacuate stems and dried pomace.

The Delta TRE 300 is compact and mounted on a stainless-steel frame with wheels, making it easy to reposition and store whilst not in use. The hydraulic height adjustment feature enables the machine to be used in conjunction with a range of other equipment. The belt is constructed from food grade materials, ensuring product quality is maintained throughout the transportation process.

Other sizes are available on request.

Main Features
  • Exposed stainless steel framework of 304L – folded sheet thickness 20/10 – sand-blasted.
  • Belt with curved brackets width: 300 mm, height 60 mm.
  • Double-folded stiff belt – in compliance with the FDA Food Approval.
  • On/Off button with a heat-proof system of the engine + 10 m. of wire.
  • Hopper to be used either under Delta E2 destemmer, under tank door or at the end of sorting table.
  • Inclination of elevators is adjustable from 30° to 50° max. by means of hydraulic cylinders and manual pump.
  • Stainless steel trolley with 4 DN 125 wheels with brakes – polyurethane shrouding.
  • Juice collector all along the framework.
  • Juice evacuation thanks to 1 DN 50 “Macon” with bakelite plug.
  • Exposed stainless steel framework giving way to below belt.
  • Cleaning rubber of below belt.
  • Quick release system of the belt.
  • Drum motor on the top.
3 m 4 m 5 m
Width: 310 mm 310 mm 310 mm
Max. Height: 2900 mm 3760 mm 4410 mm
**Product specification may vary due to enhancement by the manufacturer, choice of optional extras, display stands not included or otherwise. Information is regularly updated by our manufacturing partners and is therefore subject to change without notice.