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D+G - Combination Tank
D+G - Combination Tank
D+G - Combination Tank
D+G - Combination Tank
D+G - Combination Tank
D+G - Combination Tank
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Combination Tank

D+G Tank

The Letina D+G combination tanks are used for fermentation and storage of wine, or any other alimentary liquids. The stackable tanks not only help to optimise space in your production facility, but the high-quality materials ensure lasting durability.

The most common bottom and top tank combinations include multiple Z or KR tanks. However, other combinations such as Z+PZPK and Z+VIK are available upon request.

Holding capacities can be tailored to your needs.

Main Features
  • Extra support for top tank.
  • Manhole cover.
  • Conical off-centered bottom.
  • Open legs.
  • Relief valve.
  • Type plate with note card.
  • Support for ladder.
  • Level indicator with scale.
  • Analogue thermometer.
  • Sampling valve.
  • Oval shaped man way door.
  • Shell for thermometer with fitting.
  • Cooling jacket.
  • Ball valve on clean drain.
  • Ball valve on total drain.
  • Polished with rotated overlapping pads.
Optional Features
  • Extra support for top tank.
  • Lid with chain.
  • Manhole cover.
  • Digital thermometer with control.
  • Level indicator with scale.
  • Oval man way door.
  • Manway door on bottom tank.
  • Ball and butterfly valves.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Closed legs.
  • Slope fitting for mixer.
  • Decanter.
  • Centered bottom.
  • Jacket for heating.
  • Manway door that is hinged.
  • Cooling jacket fitting for shield gas.
  • Caps for valves.
  • Dismountable pipe for level indicator.
  • Mirror surface of coat.