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EP Major/Minor Flexible Impeller Pump
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Flexible Impeller Pump


Impeller pumps are perfectly designed for the transfer of wine, juice, cider, and other alimentary liquids. The rotation of the impeller blades creates a vacuum and thus suction, drawing the liquid into the pump head. The fluid medium acts as a lubricant between the blades and the pump head casing, therefore minimising friction for a smooth and gentle transfer of liquid.

The Liverani EP MINOR range of flexible impeller pumps are available in three phase electrical supply and can be fixed or variable speed. Standard inlet and outlet fittings are DN60, however, other fittings are available upon request. Flow rates are up to 6900 litres per hour. The EP MINOR pumps can be supplied with a wheeled portable trolley.

Main Features
  • Bypass.
  • DIN 60 connections.
  • Impeller material: natural rubber.
  • Mechanical seal: ceramic/graphite/NBR.
  • On/off/forward/reverse switch, IP55.
  • 4m cable without plug.
  • Optional ATEX rated upgrade.
Capacity: Up to 6900 litres per hour
Speed: 700 rpm - 1 speed
Electrical Requirements: 1.5 kW
Supply Voltage: 3/N/PE~400V/50Hz
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