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Future CF6 Crossflow Filter
Future Crossflow Filter
Future CF4 Crossflow Filter
Future CF6 Crossflow Filter
Future Crossflow Filter
Future CF4 Crossflow Filter
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Crossflow Filter

Future Next

The Sfoggiatech ‘Future Next’ range of automatic crossflow filters is ideal for the small to medium sized producer of wine, juice, cider, beer and more. Numerous models are available with surface areas ranging from 20m² to 60m², with 0.2-0.4 microns.

The CFN consists of 2 capillary membranes with a surface area of 20m², a centrifugal feeding pump, centrifugal circulation pump, dosing pump, electronic flowmeter, and a touch screen control panel with programmable filtration cycles. An optional CIP system is available for use in conjunction with the CFN. The filtration membranes are made from polypropylene and housed in AISI 304 stainless steel for optimum cleanliness.

A semi-automatic version is also available.

Main Features
  • Made entirely from stainless steel 304.
  • Mounted on stainless steel frame with wheels or feet.
  • Automatic filtration.
  • Automatic back flush.
  • Pressure switch to control permeate and concentrate side.
  • Pressure switch for control of compressed air and nitrogen.
  • Switch for liquid presence detection.
  • Electro-magnetic flowmeter.
  • Butterfly valves with pneumatic actuator.
  • Sight glasses set on the inlet and outlet of filter.
  • Safety pre-filter positioned at the inlet of the feeding pump.
  • Membrane filters, polypropylene-type capillary.
  • Centrifugal feeding pump.
  • Centrifugal circulation pump.
  • Dosing pumps.
  • Touch-screen panel 10” to control the filter in the filtration.
  • General switch, emergency button.
  • Optional ATEX rated upgrade.
Number of Membranes: 2 3 4 6
Total Area: 20m² 30m² 40m² 60m²
Membrane Porosity Nominal: 0.2 microns 0.2 microns 0.4 microns 0.4 microns
Supply Voltage: 3/N/PE~400/230 50Hz 3/N/PE~400/230 50Hz 3/N/PE~400/230 50Hz 3/N/PE~400/230 50Hz
**Product specification may vary due to enhancement by the manufacturer, choice of optional extras, display stands not included or otherwise. Information is regularly updated by our manufacturing partners and is therefore subject to change without notice.