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Miller & Grist
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Malt Handling Systems

Malt Handling

A malt handling system is designed to streamline the first stages of brewing and consists of a milling machine, grain/malt conveyor and grist silo. Malt handling systems can be manually or automatically operated and can process up to 5000kg of malt per hour.

The milling machine breaks the grain down into smaller pieces to optimise surface area exposure. This facilitates the activation of enzymes, thus enabling an efficient starch conversion process. The mill can be used to varying levels of coarseness of grain milling. The conveyor then transports the ground grain from the mill to the grist silo. This eliminates the need for manual lifting and helps to reduce grain dust. The conveyor also provides greater control over the flow of grain, for consistent delivery to the brewhouse. The grist silo allows for accurate dosing of grain volumes, especially important in small batch brewing.

Main Features

Malt Mill:

  • Frame made entirely from painted steel.
  • Nylon and chrome gearbox for reducing running noise.
  • Roller clearance adjustable for various malt particle.
  • Roller material: Hardening chrome steel, washable.
  • Roller speed differential for higher malt efficiency.
  • Strong magnet to remove iron pieces.
  • Malt outlet non-open connection avoiding dust.
  • Bag collecting/auger connection available.

Grist Silo:

  • Shell: 304SS full welded; TH=2mm.
  • 100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield.
  • Conical top.
  • Conical bottom eccentric or concentric as design.
  • Top mounted manway with stainless steel door.
  • Top connection port for auger as design.
  • 3pcs completely SUS304 legs with braces
  • Malt scale sensor for special request.