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PM7 Monoscrew Pump
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Monoscrew Pump


The Zambelli PM range of monoscrew pumps facilitate the continuous and non-pulsating flow of whole, destemmed, and pressed grapes, as well as must. The intake hopper on the screw pump is designed to position directly underneath a destemmer crusher outlet. At the point the grapes are received, the screw conveys the product, and the helical rotor pushes them into the outgoing pipes.

The PM monoscrew pump is robust, simple to operate and easy to maintain, with a throughput of up to 30,000kg per hour, thanks to its powerful 6 bar pressure and 7.5kW motor.

Other sizes are available on request.

PM 7 PM 12 PM 22 PM 30
Capacity: Up to 7000 kg per hour Up to 12,000 kg per hour Up to 22,000 kg per hour Up to 30,000 kg per hour
Revolutions Per Minute: 200 200 200 200
Motor: 3 kW 4 kW 5.5 kW 7.5 kW
Fittings: 80 mm 100 mm 120 mm 120 mm
Hopper Dimensions (LxW): 680 mm x 620 mm 890 mm x 730 mm 890 mm x 800 mm 930 mm x 830 mm
Weight: 115 kg 145 kg 190 kg 220 kg
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