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Ri1200 Bottle Filling Machine
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Bottle Filler

The M.E.P Ri1200 is a twin head semi-automatic counter-pressure bottle filling machine designed for filling carbonated liquids into glass or PET bottles. The machine consists of an integral product holding tank, which is pressure rated to 5 bar.

Incoming product is pumped into the tank where it is held under pressure until it begins to fill the bottles. The bottles are electrically elevated under the fill heads to create a sealed contact, ensuring that there is no oxygen ingress or release of carbon dioxide from the product. Once filling is complete the bottles are automatically lowered from the fill heads and manually removed from the machine ready for capping.

The Ri1200 is supplied on a stainless-steel support with wheels, and has a throughput of 1200 litres per hour.

Main Features
  • Made entirely from stainless steel.
  • Suitable for different bottle sizes.
  • Hot or cold filling.
  • Automatic bottle lifting, gas injection and product filling.
  • Float inside the reservoir for regulation of liquid level.
  • Product inlet ball valve with connection.
  • Product drain ball valve.
  • Product level indicator.
  • Product temperature indicator.
  • Easy cleaning and washing.
  • Optional ATEX rated upgrade.
Model: Ri1200
Capacity: Up to 1200 litres per hour
Filling Nozzles: 2
Maximum Bottle Diameter: 88 mm
Maximum Bottle Height: 305 mm
Filling Valve Diameter: 14 mm
Maximum Product Pressure: 4 bar
Air Requirements: 6 Bar, 6.0NI/cycle
Supply Voltage: 1 Phase/230V/50Hz
Dimensions (WxH): 850 mm x 2145 mm
Weight: 118 kg
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