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ROX 700 Bag-In-Box Filler
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ROX 700

Bag-In-Box Filler

The M.E.P ROX 700 semi-automatic bag-in-box filler is capable of filling 1-28 litre bags at speeds of 12-14 seconds (based on 3 litre bags) and can be supplied with either pneumatic or electric operation.

Empty bags are manually placed onto the machine and locked in place by tap holding clips. Any air in the bag is evacuated prior to liquid being pumped in. The simple to use control panel allows the operator to select bag size and fill volume which is controlled through a flowmeter. Using the tap removal arm the operator removes the tap and then positions the open bag under the fill nozzle. After filling the user then seals the bag with the tap. Nitrogen injection is an available option during the fill process.

Main Features
  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame.
  • Mounted on pivoting wheels.
  • The worktop is adjustable in inclination.
  • Corks are taken off and inserted by hand through a lever.
  • Stainless steel impeller litre-counter.
  • The product volume is set through a display.
  • The air can be sucked up before filling.
  • Air evacuation, product filling and azote injection are automatic.
  • The standard machine is a bench version.
Model: ROX 700
Capacity of Bags: 1-28 litres
Maximum Bag Sizes: 60 cm x 60 cm
Filling Time: 12-14 seconds (based on 3 litre bags)
Electrical Operation: 1/N/PE~230V 50 Hz
Pneumatic Operation: 6 bar, 8.0 Nl/bag
Dimensions (WxH): 980 mm x 1650 mm
Weight: 82 kg
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