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V2A Cooling Plate
V2A Cooling Plate
V2A Cooling Plate
V2A Cooling Plate
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Cooling Plate


The WFT V2A vertical cooling plates are designed for use in stainless steel or polyester tanks for the efficient cooling of liquid. The heat exchange surface is optimal, and the energy is distributed directly to the product without thermal losses towards the outside. The ease of assembly and the variety of models available make it possible to equip each type of tank for an efficient cooled fermentation.

The fittings are screwed and thanks to oversized washers, ensure a durable installation even without welding. After piercing 2 holes of 25mm in the walls of the tank, the flag is introduced inside and fixed with flat oversized washers to support its weight. A silicone seal ensures the tightness of the tank. The plate can therefore be connected to the cooling circuit and ensure control of the fermentation temperature.

Cooling plates for side mounting also available.

Model: V2A
Surface: 0.37m²-2.27m²
Maximum Capacity at 8˚C Flow Temperature: 25HL-160HL
Maximum Capacity at 12˚C Flow Temperature: 17HL-110HL
Dimensions (LxW): 500mm x 370mm – 3000mm x 370mm
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