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Pressed Pomace Elevator
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Grape Elevator


The Zambelli VINAS 40 conveyor is ideal for small to medium producers transporting pressed pomace extract. Material is conveyed via powered blades driven by two chains on the sides which slide in suitable lateral tracks. The blade movement slides the pomace extract along the stainless-steel surface. This solution allows for long conveyor sections and a single machine to complete both horizontal and tilted segments. The lower chain segment is equipped with removable panels to recover any pomace that may detach from blades.

Alternate versions are available depending on your production requirements.

Main Features
  • Made entirely from stainless steel.
  • Motorized with endless screw gear motor.
  • Chains with scraping paddles on the bottom.
  • Sheets in lower section for recovering pomace.
  • Electric control box.
Supply Voltage: 3/N/PE~400/230 50Hz 3/N/PE~400/230 50Hz
Motor Requirements: 1.5 kW 1.5 kW
Discharge Height: 2800 mm 2500 mm
Belt Width: 500 mm 600 mm
Inclined Segment Length: 4000 mm 4000 mm
Plane Segment Dimensions (LxWxH): 1500 mm x 1160 mm x 480 mm 1500 mm x 1160 mm x 480 mm
**Product specification may vary due to enhancement by the manufacturer, choice of optional extras, display stands not included or otherwise. Information is regularly updated by our manufacturing partners and is therefore subject to change without notice.