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VinPilot One Compact
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Fermentation Control

VinPilot One Compact

The WFT VinPilot One Compact is ideal for the smaller beverage producer. It offers a compact, mobile cooling and heating plant with buffer tank and circulation pump in stainless steel. All cooling and heating parts are isolated, with water / glycol mixture adequate for deep cooling to -10°C. With automatic fan speed control and automatic tank level control, it is easy to keep the system maintained. The 60L buffer tank allows the cooling and heating process to happen gradually, protecting the product from temperature-related damage.

Model: VinPilot One Compact
Minimum Temperature: -10°C
Volume Cooling/Heating Capacity: Up to 120 HL
Power Cooling/Heating Capacity: 3.7 kW / 230V
Water Inlet/Oulet Connections: 1" thread
Dimensions (LxWxH): 750 mm x 650 mm x 1200 mm
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