Innovative Technology for Drinks Producers

Angry Orchard

Angry Orchard are the largest cider producer in the United States. They are part of the renowned Boston Beer Company, 'Angry,' and have recently built an incredible cider research and innovation centre in New York State.

After researching the market for production equipment, Angry Orchard contacted Core Equipment in 2016 to supply them with the latest innovation for their fruit handling, washing, and pressing equipment.

Angry Orchards Processing Line
Angry Orchard Cider Research and Innovation Centre, New York

Angry Orchard required high quality and reliable production equipment, that could be used to process large quantities of fruit, and comfortably produce smaller amounts of juice for smaller cider batches, the ideal solution was the KEB 400 belt press.

Angry Orchards Processing Line
Angry Orchard Processing Line

Alongside the press, Angry Orchard also purchased a bin tipper, sorting conveyor, rolling brush washer, and washer elevator mill.Core managed the entire process, from shipping and transportation to installation and equipment training.

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