Innovative Technology for Drinks Producers
Liverpool Exhibition Centre, Liverpool

Beer X 2022

The Core Equipment team were delighted to have exhibited at the renowned SIBA event, BeerX for one of the UK’s most significant beer trade events! Our stand stood proud at the entrance of the hall displaying a 20H Letina Brewhouse and full CODI canning line, featuring the depal 250, twist rinse can infeed and 3 headed CODI CCL-45 X counter-pressure can filler.

The 2-day event hosted a wealth of innovative brewing equipment for those in the UK beer market; whilst the on-tap bars provided a great ambience for social engagements, offering the perfect opportunity to meet and catch up once again with new and existing brewers.


Core was proud to sponsor The Independent Beer and Business Awards: Bottle/Can Amber to Dark Lager category with our customers Duration Beer winning silver and taking gold was brewery, Twice Brewed with their CORIA Lager. Whilst our clients, BrewYork took home Brewery Business of the Year & Best Commercial Achievement.

Equipment Showcased

STAND 167 - 176

Twist Rinse - BeerX

CODI Depalletiser 250 – Automating the process of removing and stacking slip sheets between cans, the depal 250 pushes bulk can supply layer by layer onto conveying and index’s cans into single file for feeding into the canning line. A built-in computer allows complete control over every operation – adjusting speed settings as well as setting alerts, number of can layers, and can size.

Twist Rinse (Can infeed) – Linking the depalletiser to the filler, the twist rinse transports the cans ready for filling. The complete a full 360° turn enables the water rinse system or ionised air (optional extra) to clean the interior of the cans as they descend through the twist. This process is vital to ensure any debris from the manufacturing process or during storage is removed prior to filling.

CCL-45X – The CODI CCL-45 seamless counter pressure technology enables the user to have complete control over the atmospheric conditions across the entire filling process. For an oxygen-sensitive product this counter pressure canning machine keeps the dissolved oxygen pick up level to as low as 10ppb, effectively stopping the consequences of oxidation from the beginning. The CCL-45X achieves speeds of up to 30 cans per minute (CCL-45X) with the CCL-45, 6 headed machine achieving up to 55 cans per minute.

20HL Letina Brewhouse – Made from the highest quality stainless steel, Manufactures, Letina collaborated with us to showcase the 20HL skid mounted semi-automated brewhouse.
The steam heated two-tank brewhouse featured the combined staging lauter/mash vessel alongside the kettle and whirlpool compartment, glass man way, heat exchanger, valves, integrated pumps/piping and electronic control panel.

ZB Letina Fermenter Tank – Manufactured from either AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel, the conical fermenter is a vessel designed to produce high-quality craft beer. The conical fermenter can be used for fermentation, maturation, and sedimentation. Variation in temperature allows a minimum of -5° to maximum of +30° capability of cooling jackets, with a working pressure of 2.5.