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Bottle or Can?

You may have noticed a trend clinking around on the shelves of your local supermarket – more and more craft beverages are showing up in aluminium cans. So, bottle or can?


The aura of sophistication; the bottle has been used as the traditional single-use packaging for years. As a result, demand remains constantly high as consumers are assured of taste and quality. The bottle …

  • Product: The bottle is can hold both carbonated and non-carbonated product, and also has the ability to “hot fill”.
  • Versatility: Glass bottles can hold up to 1.5 litres and come in all shapes and sizes!
  • Environmentally Friendly: Glass bottles are recyclable, and the typical bottle is made from 20-30% recycled material.
  • Colder for Longer: While bottles may initially take longer to cool down than cans, they stay cooler for a longer period of time once taken out of refrigeration.
Can Close-Up


The inclination to ‘can’ craft beverages across the country is accelerating, as more businesses are investing in the many benefits that cans have to offer. Previously seen as the cheaper alternative, cans are now considered a premium packaging option to their traditional rivals. The can…

  • Product Quality: Cans create an airtight seal, protecting beverages from UV light and oxygen, whilst the counterpressure filling technology, maintains carbonation levels – preserving the taste and freshness.
  • Versatility: Can sizes range from the 150ml slim to the 500ml standard.
  • Transportation: Cans are lightweight, easily stackable and great for mail order. The need for less space, makes them easy to ship and store, allowing more deliverables of a product to supermarket shelves.
  • Environmentally Friendly: In the UK, over 70% of cans are now recycled, making canning a far more sustainable & commercially viable packaging solution for beverage producers.
  • Durability: If damaged during transportation, a can will not smash.

The deliberation surrounding the best packaging is dependent upon the consumer’s personal preference and needs at the time. Bottles stay colder for longer, uphold decades of tradition and arguably are more aesthetically pleasing. Cans are cheaper, lightweight and both airtight and UV resistant, helping to preserve taste & carbonation levels. Both pose environmental benefits and are recyclable.

Whether bottling or canning is the best packaging solution for your business, Core Equipment is here to advise on the right equipment for you. Get in touch with our sales team today.

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