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Brew & Bottle Ltd

Based in Milton Keynes, Brew & Bottle offer packaging solutions for all beverages including cold brew coffee, hard seltzers, beer, ready to drink (RTD) cocktails, health drinks, kombucha, wine and soft drinks. The relationship with Core began in 2019, with the purchase of a cross flow filter.

Brew & Bottle already had an existing canning line however they needed a canning line which could support products with a higher carbonation level. By adding the CODI CCL-45, 6 head counter pressure canning line to their packaging services, it also introduced new clientele to their existing customer portfolio.

Brew & Bottle contacted Core Equipment to begin discussions on solutions for their new packaging venture. Not only could the CODI canning line support business expansion, but the CODI line also had the ability and flexibility of expansion to add further lines. The system supports 150ml, 200ml, 250ml slim 200 format and 330ml standard 202 size to suit any of the client’s needs.

Core supplied and installed the CODI CCL-45 canning line, which runs for 14 hours a day, filling 50 cans a minute. Alongside the canning line, Brew & Bottle have also purchased a twist rinse system and fully automated can depalletiser.

In 2021, Core supplied, commissioned, and installed:
• 1 x fully automated depalletiser (CODI DPL-250)
• Can twist rinse systems for 250ml slim cans (CODI)
• Counter pressure filling machine (CODI CCL-45)

Both the Core Equipment sales and service team continue to support Brew & Bottle’s business growth, providing maintenance on equipment supplied by Core and supplying additional equipment to their existing line.


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