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Burnt Mill Brewery

“From the off set, Core have been excellent at helping us get set up with our canning line, with clear and concise information and the organisation of everything. They have been quick to respond in emergencies and dedicated the time to fix any problems. We are very happy with the machine and its functioning and are pleased that we went for the Codi over the classic wand linear canning line. It has proven to be consistent and produces a high-quality fill and seam”.

Sophie de Ronde, Burnt Mill Brewery


Situated in Suffolk, Burnt Mill Brewery focuses on producing fresh, unfiltered beer to serve its thirsty customers. Their aim was to bring small-scale packaging in-house and regain control over the final products aesthetic and reduce cost, previously lost in outsourcing.

CODI Canning Machine

Having previously out-sourced their packaging, the CODI CCL-45 X gave Burnt Mill complete ownership of their final product from start to finish, ensuring the quality of their beer was never compromised. Despite the up-front cost, the initial investment quickly became a cost saving solution and the machine has already paid for itself.

Outloading Conveyor
CODI Outloading Conveyor

In 2020, Core supplied, commissioned, and installed the 3 headed CODI CCL-45 X counter pressure filling machine and connecting out-loading conveyor.

Core Equipment continues to service and maintain the equipment supplied to Burnt Mill Brewery. Click here to view Burnt Mill Brewery.

Twist Rinse

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Working in close partnership with one of the world’s leading manufacturers in canning; Core Equipment provide the latest high-quality technology, and most cost-effective packaging solutions to support your business.

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