Innovative Technology for Drinks Producers

Canning Revolution

We have seen an increasing demand for canning lines since their introduction to the UK market. But, why are customers making this significant investment for their business?

  • Environmentally Friendly – The new wave of eco-minded consumers have greater awareness of the environmental impacts that plastics have on the atmosphere and are consequently opting for more ecological alternatives. In the UK, over 70% of cans are now recycled, making canning a far more sustainable & commercially viable packaging solution for beverage producers. In addition, the lightweight and compact nature means shipping requires less fuel, thus fewer CO2 emissions.
  • Transportation – Lightweight and easily stackable. The need for less space, makes them easy to ship and store, allowing more deliverables of a product to supermarket shelves.
  • Keeps It Fresh! – Cans provide a superior airtight seal, meaning your drink stays fresher and flavourful for longer. Cans also prevent UV light oxidisation, particularly important in the beer industry.
  • Size Variety – Flexibility is key when purchasing a canning line. Our machines are suitable for various can sizes ranging from 150ml slim to the 500ml standard and can be equipped with changeable parts. The versatility and ease of can size changeover gives the ability to mix up your packaging according to demand.
  • Quality Control – Packaging is the most crucial part within the production line, as this is a reflection on your business. Packaging in-house gives you ownership of the final product ensuring the quality is never compromised. Alternatively, as a contract packer, it is important for your customers to trust in your company. As you are responsible for how your customers product is handled and presented to the end consumer, investing in the right equipment is critical to success.
  • Payback – Finally, payback can be surprisingly quick. Despite the up-front cost, the initial investment can quickly become cost saving!

If you’ve been thinking about how canning could work for your business, talk to our sales team today.

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