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Crossflow Filtration

Filtration plays a critical role within the Food and Beverage manufacturing process to provide a safe and economic method for removing impurities and extending the shelf life of many consumable products. High cleanliness standards and stringent contamination control is very important to ensure the manufacture of superior quality produce, significant reduction of waste and minimising product spoilage.

The most basic form of filtration is compiled of two-streams, in which water is forced through the filters surface with an applied pressure, leaving permeate behind (treated, free of solids). As a result, this leaves way for larger particles to accumulate on the filter surface. This gives the water a greater resistance when passing through, leaving a decreased flux.

Subjectively crossflow filtered beverages look more appealing, but what makes the product look so clear?

Left – No filtration vs Right – Cross flow filtration

Cross flow filtration is a process where the feed stream passes through the membrane. Using three streams, a pressure difference across the element drives water perpendicularly through the membrane, and the rejected particles travel along the membrane surface. The constant turbulence created along the membrane, prevents the accumulation of matter on the surface. The membranes run perpendicular to each other resulting in a pressure difference, driving water through the filter, while the particles retained (concentrate) continue to travel along the membrane surface.

Crossflow Filtration
Crossflow Filtration Diagram

Cross flow filtration is a clever way to filter liquids with a high concentration of filterable matter, such as beer, juice, and cider. It sweeps away larger molecules and aggregates that are retained on the surface of the membrane, preventing gel polarization. The membrane’s surface is continuously kept clean and free of accumulating substances which allows the equipment to perform continuously without the need to frequent cleaning. As a result, it can increase liquid yield, retaining the quality and taste of your beverage.

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