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Duration Beer

Duration Beer was founded on taste. Inspired by their immediate surroundings, their brewing and culinary knowledge creates innovative beers from field-to-glass. Mindful of counter pressure filling becoming more prominent in breweries and other drinks packaging facilities across the UK, Duration spoke with us regarding the CODI CCL-45 counter pressure canning system.

Counter pressure filling and consistent production quality were key drivers for Duration Beer when considering a canning line for their new build brewery. The benefits also included, low dissolved pick-up, the ability to shift for longer and control over the fill speeds, all adding to the quality of the end product in the can, thus making the CODI CCL-45 a desirable product to acquire.

Duration Labelling Machine
Supplied, commissioned, and installed by Core Equipment

Core supplied and installed the fully automatic canning line starting with a depalletiser and twist rinse system running at 1800 cans per hour. In addition, the installation included a filling and seaming machine, rinser/dryer and labelling station. Our service engineers also provided comprehensive equipment training to the Duration team.

Duration Canning Line
Duration were the first in the UK to procure and commission a Codi Canning Line in the UK, installed in winter 2019

Duration have a three-head counter pressure canning line, filling 25-30 cans per minute. The CODI CCL-45 counter pressure canning system supports 330ml and 440ml cans through the line with the option of 500ml cans at a later stage. The versatility and ease of can size changeovers made the CODI the obvious choice.

“Our canning line supplied by Core Equipment has been a lifesaver in our first 2 years. Great for it’s speed, seaming, purging with Co2 and generally how well it keeps our product”.

– Duration


The canning line at Duration Beer
• Fully Automatic depalletiser
• 2 x Twist Rinse with air rinse system for 330ml & 440ml cans
• 3 Head CODI CCL-45 counter pressure can filler
• Out-loading Conveyance with built in rinser dryer unit
• In-line labelling machine (ENOS C5000)
• Accumulation table