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English Sparkling Wine

English Wine Surge

The UK’s wine industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the last decade with English sparkling wine now highly regarded at international awards.

Last year, the UK consumption of sparkling wine hit a record high with 164 million bottles sold, and sales at Waitrose saw figures rocket by 46% against 2020, between January – May alone. So, why the sudden boom?

Well…previous conditions caused the quality of English wines to be unpredictable. However, as the English climate changes, we have seen a rise in drier, hotter summers, and as a result, southern counties now share many geological characteristics with France’s champagne region i.e. chalky and greensand soils. The presence of the two make the ground free draining, which has been advantageous for grape maturity, allowing them to ripen slowly over time. Consequently, vineyards across Kent, Sussex, Devon and Cornwall are all flourishing.

As the sector streamlines itself it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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