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Freedom Cans

Freedom Brewery

Independent brew house, Freedom Brewery, prides itself on ‘producing beers people want to drink time and again’, with a strong focus on creating a sustainable and cruelty free beverage.

An established, independent brewery of 25 years, their existing on-trade business was severely threatened by the covid-19 pandemic. While their original plan had been to build customer awareness through the on-trade business before launching an off-trade product, covid-19 forced them to accelerate their plans.

Freedom already had a bottling line but were conscious of the higher risks of breakages and shipping costs. A shift in market trends has seen beverages across the crafts beverage market switch to cans.

After researching canning systems, Freedom contacted Core Equipment to begin discussions with our sales team regarding the CODI canning system.

“Moving to canning was a major shift for Freedom Brewery and has been the key to us surviving the challenges of Covid”.

– Matthew Willson, Managing Director at Freedom Brewery.

CODI Canning Line

• 1 x fully automated depalletiser (CODI DPL-250)
• Twist rinse systems for 330ml and 440 ml cans (CODI)
• Counter pressure filling machine (CODI CCL-45)
• Outgoing conveyance system (CODI)
• In-line wraparound labelling machine (ENOS C5000)

Freedom Installation - CODI Fully Automated Depalletiser
Installation at Freedom Brewery - CODI Depalletiser

Core supplied and installed the CODI CCL-45 canning line, which runs for 15 hours a day, 5 days a week. Alongside the canning line, the installation also included a twist rinse system, automated depalletiser and conveyance system. Our service engineers provided comprehensive equipment training to the Freedom Brewery team.

Freedom Delivery
Unloading of Equipment at Freedom Brewery - CODI CCL-45

Not only could the CODI canning line support their stainability ethos (Aluminium is the most recyclable material on the planet); cans have better airtight seals, maintaining their flavours and freshness for longer. One of the other reasons Freedom were attracted to the CODI line was the ability and flexibility of expansion to a second line.

Initially using prelabelled cans, Freedom have since moved to directly labelling their cans as the demand for their range of exclusive beer increased, which Core also provided and added to their existing line.

Since moving production to canning, Freedom have filled up to 150,000 cans in a week and are looking to scale up to 220,000 cans a week soon. They can pack and distribute two pallets of cans for every pallet of bottles.