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Opening Can


Consumer behaviour across the drinks industry has taken a twist, seeing an explosive rise of ready-to-drink beverages. Demand was already growing for ready-to-drink alcohol beverages prior to the pandemic with world known brands such as Bacardi, Gordon’s & Smirnoff kick starting a trend move, with a growth of 43% in global consumption of RTD in 2020 [IWSRA].

As ‘staying in’ became the new ‘going out’ we saw a surge in RTD gin-based cocktails and spirit mixers, in both bottles and cans. Moving forward into 2021, in a year of minimised restrictions, the ready-to-drink (RTD) mixers show no signs of disappearing from the supermarket shelves with sales forecasted to increase by 10% per year [Funkin Cocktails].

The damage of the pandemic will be indelible. Despite many welcoming the return of pubs and indoor dining, consumer behaviour across the drinks industry will be permanently affected. With intimate social events becoming a favourable way to enjoy a drink at the end of a day; the single-serve packaging not only satisfies consumers desires for an authentic cocktail experience, but it also offers easy portability for picnics and al fresco drinking, without the fuss of preparation.

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