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Expo Park, Nancy, France

Salon du Brasseur 2021

For over a decade Nancy has hosted the flagship trade and technical event ‘Salon du Brasseur’, for professional and amateur brewers. Since 2018, the show has been held at the purpose-built Nancy Expo Park; a fantastic location for showcasing a multitude of innovative technologies and components.

Fast forward to 2020, this exciting 2-day event was a huge success, hosting over 155 exhibitors and providing a welcomed opportunity to network with brewers and suppliers from across Europe. Featuring a wealth of industry lead seminars and debates there were great discussions surrounding the latest industry trends and knowledge in brewing. It was a pleasure to welcome so many onto our stand as we showcased the first counter pressure canning line to the French market.

Click to visit the official Salon du Brasseur site.

This year, Core Equipment teamed up with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of canning equipment; CODI, and SIFA – one of the top European manufacturers in kegging, to present the CCL-45 and MB11S:

  • CCL-45 – The counter pressure filler is designed to give the operator complete control over the atmospheric conditions inside the can during the fill process. The process allows for faster filling while simultaneously preventing oxygen absorption and product loss as the liquid travels through a series of valve operations and pressurization. The canning machine is designed to fill up to 3,500 cans per hour for both carbonated and non-carbonated products.
  • MB11S – The MB11S fills 36 stainless-steel kegs per hour and is constructed entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel. The filling head has minimal contact between air and the product, ensuring complete sterility throughout the filling process.

Our full range of brewing equipment can be viewed in our catalogue here

If you were unable to attend Salon du Brasseur this year, not to worry…we will back next year!

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