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Core Equipment are leading suppliers of innovative technology for the craft beverage market and contract packaging services.

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CODI Twist Rinse


Since 2015, we have worked in close partnership with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including CODI craft canning systems, ENOS and SIFA Masterkeg to supply over 40 breweries including Brew York, Tipsy Tribe, Burnt Mill Brewery and Duration Beer with equipment, from production to full packaging lines. Whatever stage of the process you need help with, Core Equipment can provide you with the latest technology, best quality and most cost-effective options to support your craft business.


The UK’s wine industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the last few years and Core Equipment is proud and excited to be a part of this journey. Offering the latest innovative technology in wine production, Core is the number one distributor for LETINA stainless steel tanks in the UK and is the UK’s BUCHER VASLIN distributor for grape reception and processing equipment. We have supplied prominent wineries such as Harrow & Hope, Henners and Sandridge Barton with bottling lines, fermentation control, tanks upwards of 15000L and pneumatic presses.

Bottling Machine - Rotary Filler


The boom amongst the spirits industry has seen an exciting rise in demand for flavoured spirits and ready-to-drink beverages. Over the years Core Equipment has worked in close partnership with the leading US & European manufacturers of full canning and bottling lines, to bring you the latest in-house packaging solutions to suit your business needs.


Packaging is critical for showcasing your business. We have installed and supplied several soft drinks producers with a full packaging line to support their business growth and increase in product demand. Our packaging solutions include canning and bottling machines, as well as bag-in-box fillers.

Close-up Can Lid


As consumer behaviours shift towards a more health-conscious lifestyle, the demand for RTD’s, low and non-alcoholic beverage alternatives such as seltzer has risen, creating a space in the market for niche products. Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your current equipment repertoire, Core Equipment is on hand to supply you with processing and packaging solutions, whilst supporting you every step of the way.


Since 2010, we have worked in close partnership with some of the industry’s best European manufacturers, to supply juice and cider producers including Darley Abbey Cider, Hill Farm Juice, Watergull Orchards & Dunkertons with a range of processing and packaging equipment, including belt presses, tanks, pasteurisers and bottling machines.

Letina Tanks


Traditionally a naturally carbonated drink with live micro-organisms, the CODI counter pressure canning line could be the perfect packaging solution for you. Alternatively, we have installed and supplied several businesses with a wide range of processing equipment, such as fermentation vessels, fermentation control, and filtration, as well as packaging equipment such as gravity or counter pressure bottling machines to suit the needs and demands of their business.

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